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Industry Arts
Occupation Spiritual Tourist/Artist
Location Nirvana, State of Bliss, United States
Introduction About me? Reminds me of that question one gets on a job interview or a first date -"So tell me about yourself?" Sends chills down my spine. What am I to say? I am wonderful & brillant- now hire me , love me - buy me dinner buy me a drink. I like to see myself as my favorite image, the dancing Shiva. That's me, a dancing Shiva dancing within the circle of cosmic fire the energy of life , birth & distruction with the instruments of creation, music and weapons of war in my hands while balancing one foot in the air and one foot pressing down on ignorance. Life is just a balancing act after all.
Interests Being present. What else is there then being here now?
Favorite Movies Film is a director's media - Ingmar Bergman & Akria Kurosawa showed me that film is an art forum - any film by Peter Wier, Martin Scorsese, Frank Capra, Emst Lubitsch, Richard Eyre, David Lean, Billy Wilder, Preston Sturges, Francis Ford Cappola, Woody Allen and the beat goes on!
Favorite Music I know it's only rock and roll and I like it but classical music rocks my world! I love Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, opera, just to name a few, I love it all. Whenever I listen to classical music it's like meditation, those inner voices are silent and I listen to the patterns of the music. I also have the gulity pleasure of enjoying show tunes, reminds me of my father who love show tunes. For a while after I stop dancing I did got some work as dancer singer in some professional musical productions. But life on the chours line isn't a long one or an easy one!
Favorite Books My favorite books? Why not ask me to look up at the Milky Way and tell you what is my favorite star? So many books so little time. I have books on art, history, novels, poetry, Western & Eastern philosophy, books on the Bible, Bibles, holy books, yoga books, books about vampires. ancient myths, witchcraft, faries, angels & demons, which is how I got hooked on Neil Gaiman's wonderful books and he has opened a Pandora's Box to my imagination, thanks to him I now have a vast collection of Fantasy fiction plus graphic novels and where do I put these books? I have three rooms full and running out of space! Favorite books? What kind of question is that?

People I'll like to meet living or dead - Lizzie Borden (if she did it & why)-Amelia Earhart (what really happen) - a colonist from Roanoke-Virginia (what happen)- Jack the Ripper (who was he really and how did he get away with it) - El Cid - Cleopatra & Helen of Troy (what was their power over men) Merlin & Neil Gaiman (question what is the power of magic?)