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Industry Advertising
Occupation lilyruths Knicknacks
Location Houston, texas, United States
Introduction Im a tex mex, born in Houston texas.Im 5"5ft. Im 120 pds. I have waist long brown hair,I speak english more then spanish .Im always trying to win contests on-line. I live a a small apartment with my four small dogs their names are Poochie, Mimi, Lily,and spot.I enjoy making new friends. I always speak whats on my mind even tho at times it gets me in trouble. Im always helping homeless stray animals. When it comes to dogs I have a big heart . I think I get along better with animals then people. LOL I enjoy quiet time at home,do not go out,its safer to stay at home.I enjoy watching T.V might call me a couch potato.I love good spooky movies,and I love cheesecake and cokes and a good cup of coffee,and pizza. I love and hate the cold weather. I love it because you can get all cozy and warm under all those warm comforters but I hate it when you have to go outside and its so cold.I like all kinds of different people and wish I could travel to africa or australia or take a cruise to some island. I love the beauty of plants and flowers.I hope you all will click on my ads to help me out and I will return favor.
Interests Sweeps, gardening, surfing the web, baking, I love dogs, teaching english, Freebies
Favorite Movies Titantic, Birdcage, Interview with a vampire, Chronicles of Reddick, Hide and seek, Dracula, Saw, Texas chain saw massacre, Freddy fights with Jason, Van Helzing, Alien, The hills have eyes, The ring, The Philadelphian, Frankenstein, Pitch black, Good Horror movies, Law and Order on T.V.
Favorite Music Oldies but goodies, jazz, naz, country, classical rock
Favorite Books magazines, glamour, latina, good housekeeping, enquierer, Jane, Steven King

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