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Introduction Isocracy is government by equal power or rights. To ensure equal respect for all, we must share equal rights and responsibilities for upholding common standards of law and governance. I find the minimal policies required for public education and enforcement include the Bill of Rights, or Amendments 1 - 10 of the U.S. Constitution, Amendment 14 on equal protection of the laws, and possibly a proposed Amendment on Judicial Freedom, or protecting Consent of the Governed as the basis of just government and all social contracts. In order to prevent abuses of majority rule from oppressing citizens by economic dominance, I believe in requiring mediation, consensus on policy, and proportional representation to address conflicts of interest between parties, so that all decisions and policies are consistent with the above mentioned Constitutional laws and ethics. Since Corporations currently claim dual rights, both as individuals and as collective authorities similar to Government, I also recommend legislation holding Corporations to the Code of Ethics for Government Service (Public Law 96-303), as well as all citizens who wish to claim equal rights under law.