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Occupation Co-owner of "food queens", a small catering company based in Athens. For further information you can contact on
Introduction I am a supporter of simplicity and the same applies to my philosophy of cooking. I choose my ingredients to be fresh and of the best quality and I try to combine them in ways that I can sense their full taste, respect their freshness and appreciate the contribution of each one ingredient in my plate. I strongly believe in the healing powers of the food we eat, the water we drink as well as the herbs and everything our wise earth has to offer. The energy, intention, feelings and our mood in general, while cooking and eating, determine the healing qualities of the food. It is important to really enjoy the whole process and experience of cooking and eating, never feeling deprived for the sake of being healthy, but knowing how to balance everything, learn to cook in new ways and invite new ingredients to your kitchen. Healthy food can be extremely tasty, extremely creative and extremely therapeutic!