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Occupation Unrelated to birding
Location Orange County, California, United States
Introduction I have been a birder for a few decades. It all began when I took two classes about birding at a Community College. The classes were Inland Birds and Coastal Birds. There was a great teacher who would note a bird flying in with the comment: "Someone just flew in." We were skeptical and awed when a bird would whirl by and Bev would say, "sparrow," or some other bird family or species. Did she really see it? Or was she making up all these birds whirling past? Now I know she did really id them. Familiarity breeds recognition. Another friend and I began a birding journey in those classes that still goes on today. I even started an daily email at work about birds that got everyone interested in the the birds in the area. It is a great way to appreciate God's creation and to get fresh air and exercise. I am no longer a teen by any means, but I figure if my great aunts could be referred to as "girls" until they were in their 80's and beyond, I can be the OC Birder Girl. You can contact me about this blog by making a comment on one of the posts. I moderate all comments and will see your message.