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Occupation Mommy
Location 210, tejas, United States
Introduction i'm a texan gal, finarry residing in the state i love. i like to think i am a pretty open-minded person. i won't label my politics. i believe Love is Love, no matter who it comes from or is meant for. i love my husband. i am afraid of getting old. i worry i am not a good enough mom. i love my kids, even when i want to strangle them! i am SO patriotic it would make anyone hurl. i still cry when our national anthem is played. (and would kick the sh*t outta anyone who doesn't show respect to the Stars and Stripes.)
Interests scrapbooking, vegging with my family, talking to friends, shopping in new places, trying new things
Favorite Movies City of Angels French Kiss Notting Hill Bridget Jones' Diary