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Occupation Mom
Location Monterey Bay, California
Introduction Thank you for visiting my little space on the internet. I'm a self proclaimed procrastinator. I love learning all new things related to crafting and sewing. I would love to learn more about photography and I think that will be my next major project. Until then I'll stick with what I know. Somehow this blog turned into a diary of my projects. I also like to share a little about my crazy life. I try to be honest about the sh!t that goes down around here. It's not always pretty. There are plenty of sane crafty blogs to read already (that's where I sped most of my time). With this blog I hope to inspire all of you out there to start a million projects...even if you only complete a few! {}. I love your comments. Sometimes they are the only "adult" voice I hear in a given day, so please, keep 'em coming.