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Location Southern California, United States
Introduction I love God, my husband, my kids, Duran Duran, farming, real foods, raw milk, doTERRA essential oils, vampires, fairy tales, writing... I'm diverse, what can I say?
Interests My family, writing, fashion, beauty products, reading, gardening, photography, scrapbooking, world domination.
Favorite Movies "Bewitched" why? Have you SEEN Nicole Kidman's clothes? Or the house?? Please. Also "Addam's Family Values" *Mal-i-bu Bar-bie* it truly says it all. "Sabrina" (the newer one with Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford).
Favorite Music I love Duran Duran. They've been my favorite band since I was 12 years old. I'm loyal. Sue me. After them would be Rich Mullins, Newsboys, Altar Boys (a now defunct alterna Christian band. I can't find any old copies of their music :( ), Elton John and Imagine Dragons
Favorite Books "The Eyre Affair" by Jasper Fforde, "Good Omens" by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (all) by Douglas Adams

Your superpower is that you smell like dandelions whenever someone lies. How will you maintain your secret identity?

Wait... dandelions have a scent? Really?