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Industry Student
Occupation Waitress
Location Indiana, United States
Introduction I like to think outside the box, go against the mainstream, I don't want to stand out, but I don't want to blend into the background. I want to be the me I am so used to hiding because I have thoughts that most people would have problems agreeing with or understanding, because as I said I like to think out of the box and so my opinions and I have a lot of them are very liberal and very different, I like to think I view things from a different perspective. I don't know, because I only know how I think, and so I am limited to my way of thinking which is a conundrum, because then that makes me small minded and that is one of the things I hate about people, is there inability to change how they think, being to set in their ways to be willing to try something new. And this is just a side note, but I have this tendency to babble, be it in text or in word i babble.
Interests Books, Movies, Motorcycles, writing, being with my friends, having a good time.
Favorite Movies Anything but horror films like Saw, or The Hills Have Eyes, I don't like those types of movies, but currently my favorite movie is Watchmen because it is the greatest movie to come out in years and is awe inspiring.
Favorite Music Anything but country and rap. Cant stand either of them, I love alternative rock, and classic rock is good as well as Jazz, I like musicals and I tend to get into a mood where I just have to listen to this one type of music, I have music to make me happy, and to make me calm down, it all depends on the situation, what music I like and don't.
Favorite Books Everything. And I truly mean everything. I worked at a library for three years, I pretty much made the teen section of that library. So you give me a genre, I can give you recommendation as to what would work for you.