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Gender Female
Industry Construction
Location Anaheim, CA, United States
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Introduction I love being cozy when it's cold outside, and I basking in the sun when it's not. I love seeing new places, and eating and drinking wonderful foods and drinks. I like cooking, and think I do okay, sometimes good. I love barbecues and hammocks and the beach in the summer, and soups and lap blankets and fireplaces in the winter. I like to read sci-fi, fantasy, classics and feel-good memoirs, and I love being curled up on the couch for a good movie. My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas – food and family. I come from a big family, and so does my boyfriend, and our families tend to acquire people through friendships as well – we are clan people. I love that our lives tend to revolve around our family circles. Were I independently wealthy with no need to work, I would spend my days travelling, having dinner parties, getting lots of spa treatments, doing yoga, and taking classes on cooking and photography and wine. Unfortunately I'm not, so my time is usually split between work and sleep instead.
Interests Cooking, travel, poker, gardening, google, tech gadgets, wine, skin care, currencies, health, trust funds, yoga
Favorite Movies Ratatouille, Stealing Beauty, Snatch, Dogma, Rounders, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Chocolat, Oceans Eleven, Syriana, Star Wars, The Princess Bride, Love Actually, The Fifth Element
Favorite Music A little of everything
Favorite Books Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, The Mists of Avalon, Harry Potter, Michael Crichton, Fantasy