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Location Australia
Introduction So what sorts of things might happen in one's life when one starts pursuing their intuition and decides to resurrect an unfulfilled childhood dream?

The Internet is awash with inspirational motivators encouraging us to do same. Some of them would even like us to think that it's our duty to the planet to do so!

I'm curious. REALLY curious... about what might happen. So I've set about finding this out.

I have no specific plan or end goal, other than to follow my intuition as I go. To fly by the seat of my jodhpurs, as it were.

* Oh, and most of the names in this chronicle - including mine - are fictitious. The rest is as true as truth is. *
Interests Cycle touring, mountain biking, sailing, windsurfing, bush-walking, rock climbing, horse-riding, dog walking, reading, dancing, yoga, chatting, cooking, gardening, building websites, nature conservation, personal development, fear, courage, intuition, good whiskey