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Introduction I came to the U.S. in 1967 to study physics and mathematics. Soon thereafter I was absorbed into leftist politics of the time and began studying Marxism. I became one of the founders of a Trotskyist group. Upon our return to Iran, before 1979 overthrow of the Shah, our group adopted the name of Socialist Workers Pary – later changed to Revolutionary Workers Party. Our central paper, Kargar, was banned after publishing some 118 issues. Our group after a spurt of growth in the U.S. and during the first few months of our return to Iran faced continuous setbacks under the onslaught of the Islamic government of Iran. Defeated, I returned to the U.S. looking to find a new thread to socialism to latch onto. Through a series of personal experiences, I realized the futility of my endeavor. These posts reflect on those experiences focusing on my new conclusions.