About me

Gender Male
Occupation Writer/Artist/Publisher/Pro Golfer
Location Walkertown, NC, United States
Introduction Author of several golf books including Ruthless Putting and Stop Coming Over-the-Top, and editor of Classic Adventure Stories: Swashbucklers, a collection of classic sword-fighting novels. I've run the Ruthless Golf blog since mid-2009. And I've also done some writing for Golfsmith.com.

I'm a writer, cartoonist, graphic artist & self-publisher who's played in some local pro golf tournaments. The challenge of learning new things really appeals to me. And I don't believe age should ever keep you from chasing your dreams.

I also write children's easy reader books under the pen name Mick Michaels, and poetry under the pen name Will Shakespeare.
Interests Fantasy & Science Fiction, Cartooning, Science, Computers, Ancient History, Poker, Chocolate (lots of chocolate!)
Favorite Movies Just about any Godzilla movie (he's the world's greatest standup comedian!), The Secret of My Success, Batman (the 1989 version with Michael Keaton), Star Wars, Kung Fu Hustle, Better Off Dead
Favorite Music Classic Rock, and a little bit of almost everything else
Favorite Books David Weber's Honor Harrington series (military scifi), Robert Jordan's Conan novels (sword & sorcery), most of Robert E. Howard's stuff but especially Solomon Kane and Kull (pulp)