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Occupation Freelance : )
Location Nomadic
Introduction This blog is a catch-all of my various travels. It began in Korea (four years ago) when I was just looking for someone to experience my misadventures with. I was looking to not be forgotten and needed an outlet to subdue the fear of such a large move. Now, in heading back to the States, then on again, it is a collection of stories to reconnect with my family. The fear of returning a stranger is palpable. Maybe if I throw as much of myself in this I'll have a platform of reconnection with the people I miss with all of my heart.
Interests I'm keenly interesting in documentaries over a wide variety of disciplines, however, largely art, food and culture. Knitting. Yoga. Raw food. Running. Unfortunately, after a series of projects, aquaculture. Writing, of course.
Favorite Music Terrible taste in music. I love American country...almost exclusively.
Favorite Books No such thing. but I'm currently reading "The argumentative Indian".