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Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Introduction I decided to get to know Las Vegas after living here for 5 years. I've already been to quite a few places as you can imagine. So..everyday I will post a new find, whether it's a restaurant,a show,or fun things to do around town. I'll blog my thoughts with you and the truth about them, with pics. The best part of living here is the deals so I'm going to share them. Movies, restaurants, free activities for the kids, discounts and specials for the adults. How great is that..so check in with me everyday to see where I went, and what I did and how much or little it costs.I heard once that you could eat somewhere different 365 Days here and never go to the same place twice. When I have little visitors stay with us I make it my mission to find the cheapest places to go and have a blast.I have seen almost every show on the strip.(even the really bad ones)and I'll be telling you the truth about all of them...especially the trick fee's and half price offers for locals,special websites to visit for free offers, discounts and much more so what do you say let's GO..
Interests Finding specials, coupons and two for one deals!!! Going out everyday to experience something different, new and fun. Taking photo's all over Las Vegas especially Red Rock Mountains...I see these mountains everyday and everyday they look beautiful in a different way. I like to share photos with my friends and family. Las Vegas so much more than the strip...much much more!!
Favorite Movies Gone with the Wind, Godfathers I II, Raiders and all of the Jack Ryan movies, Norah Ephron movies, Speiberg Movies, Out of Afica, Independent Films, Fargo, Burn after Reading, Blind Side, Meryl Streep movies (except I Love You to Death), Finding Nemo, Galaxy Quest, just about anything that Robert Duvall is in. I love period pieces especially Bio's, Elizabeth I, II, Last of the Mochicans, so many more.
Favorite Music Sting, Dave Matthews, James Taylor, Fray, Fleetwood Mac, Beatles, All Mozart especially, Requiem in D Minor 3, Sia, Sarah McLaughlin, Jason Mraz, Etta James, Ray Charles, Santana, Norah Jones, Natalie Merchant, Natalie Imbruglia, Lyle Lovett, Lionel Richie, Justin Timberlake, Judy Collins, Elton John (early stuff) Dido, Damien Rice, Carly Simon, Aimee Man, Stones, Beethoven, Violin Romance No.2 in F major, Piano Trio No. 4 B flat major, Symphony No.7 in A major, etc.
Favorite Books Only non-fiction - Bio's mostly

I'm suppose to ask myself a question here....what if I don't know the answer??? LOL