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Introduction Hello, I'm Nicola Hammons, an artist transforming spaces with beautiful fine art prints. Visit to explore. My art, blending digital and photography techniques, honors the beauty, expression, and strength of women, inspired by historical figures and personal encounters. These portraits aim to capture their resilience and inner power. My creations offer an escape, providing peace and inspiration amidst chaos. They're a tribute to women who've defied norms, aiming to be a showstopper in your space. I offer virtual reality tools online to preview art pieces in your space, ensuring a confident investment. Interested in collaborations? Contact me at for licensing or exhibits. Educated at the New School and Tisch School of Art in NYC, and the New York Institute of Photography, my approach fuses traditional photography with digital innovation, creating art that's felt. As a "Trusted Art Seller" with The Art Storefronts Organization, I guarantee quality and value in my work. Thank you for supporting the arts! Nicola