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Industry Human Resources
Occupation Your Brother
Location Washington, D.C., United States
Introduction MY RELIGION (same as Jesus, King, Gandhi, Teresa, Romero, Eleanor, Obamas...): Universal Loving, Universal Family, Christ-ianity by whatever name, or none at all. PEACE: is the presence of Universal Love. WAR: HOSTILITY is the presence of Conditional Love. MY FAMILY (same as Jesus, King, Gandhi, Teresa, Romero, Eleanor...): All people born and unborn. "The greatest madness of all is to see things as they are, and not as they should be." Cervates, Man of La Mancha. BELIEF: "He does not believe who does not live according to his belief." Thomas Fuller GOLDEN RULE: "If you WOULD do it to or for your son or daughter, do it now TO "THE LEAST OF THESE," STRANGERS AND ENEMIES. If you WOULDN'T do it, DON'T, TO ANYONE, EVER." SL "It is NOT WHAT you do. It is THAT you do with TOTAL COMMITMENT, TOTAL PERSONAL DEVOTION, and UNIVERSAL Love. NOW." SL Computer Industry Executive, Psychological Counselor, Retail Executive turned would-be Brother / Disciple of Jesus;late in life Humanitarian activist / human being. "WHOEVER CLAIMS TO ABIDE IN [JESUS] OUGHT TO LIVE JUST LIKE [JESUS] LIVED," 1 John Ch 2. Start Loving - WAGE LOVE or DIE (no 3rd option exists).
Interests Making Loving Our Supreme Religion. Making "Thy Kingdom come...., " Miracles - trying to be a catalyst for a Miracle - Salvation.
Favorite Movies Google "UnviolentPeacemaker"
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