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Gender MALE
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Introduction I am a 49 y/o heterosexual man (if you must know) married with 3 children, that just happens to love wearing nail polish. I am a Professional Photographer, Operating Systems Engineer, Nutrition Counselor and Marketing Specialist. I go polished all the time everywhere. To me, nail polish is genderless and the only thing from keeping men from wearing it, is fear. I decided to create this blog at fist to show men that there is no shame in having a liking for this form of self expression. It has since evolved into something else that I am still discovering day to day. I have received emails from men that ask for tips on how to wear nail polish and also posted public answers to public questions on the blog. If you feel the need to email me, I am open to all, as you can clearly notice on the blog, I answer almost all posts. Hope you like the blog and hope it helps.