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Gender Male
Occupation Grandfather
Location Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Introduction Retired Englishman. Still self-reliant BUT...., until a definitive Blue Pill/Red Pill moment back in 2002 (ish), handicapped by nearly 60 years shouldering of "The White Man's Burden". By which I mean adherence & loyalty to the consensus narrative of an essentially benign, well-intentioned, 'Washington Consensus' promoting UK State, busily engaged in 'making the world a better place' - or words to that effect. Since rank, position and place are of no consequence to me, I took the Red Pill. For better or worse, the results are manifest in this blog
Interests Peak-Oil, Peak 'everything', Population dynamics, The limits to growth, Globalization, Deep-State politics, England, Sustainable development, Rural affairs, Hunting with hounds, Conservation, Horses, Poetry, Family, Futures trading
Favorite Movies Godfather, Godfather 2, Matrix (as an allegory for our time)
Favorite Music Jean Sibelius, Most western classical, Gilbert & Sullivan, Early Bob Dylan, Indian Classical, Anything skilful intelligent and well done.
Favorite Books Shires & Provinces, More Shires & Provinces, Hark to Hounds, Hunting Countries, Cross Country with Hounds, The Poems of Francis, 1984 Thompson, English Poetry