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Occupation domestic engineer
Location Brooke. West Texas, USA.
Introduction I am a 41 year old former city girl, turned fumbling country dweller. Hubs and I are in our 16th year of wedded bliss. I am mom to our 24 year old Marine & his wife of one year, Darling-Daughter-in-law and 12 year old blonde rascal. I am a Christian saved by grace, thank goodness, from a loving God. While my blog name might imply that I am a seasoned and talented quilter...that is sadly not the case! I am learning and loving it. There will mostly be pure nonsense to share. I get a rush out of every day life. Honestly, I find large amounts of humor in my normal life and just cannot stop myself from mindlessly blabbing about it all. It’s like “Seinfeld”, about nothing really...but unfortunately not as funny. Finally, it is imperative that you do NOT take everything I say on here 100% seriously.
Interests Reading, quilting/sewing, decorating and re-arranging the furniture, running, scrapbooking, my family, my friends, LAUGHING & living life.
Favorite Movies You've Got Mail, Friday, Hope Floats, The Blues Brothers, Dodgeball, Sweet Home Alabama, Ferris Bueller's Day Off...
Favorite Music I am not a music lover. I do listen to the radio in the car and my i-pod when I run. Classic Rock would be how I would categorize my music interest. 70's-80's hair bands...oh yeah baby.
Favorite Books Books are life. I worry about people with no book shelves in their home. That is not natural. My favorite of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird. I will read most any and all fiction.

Why don't you ever wear a scarf? It doesn't need to be cold outside for your neck to feel naked.

Well, good question. How cute is that whole scarf thing? I mean that is a great look! However, I am not that trendy. That is o.k. with me though because I am comfortable in my own lazy style thank you very much. AND I should add that I am hot natured and have no desire to have a stitch more clothing on than necessary.