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Introduction I am a 12 year Macys West Employee, that was fired for 'Whistleblowing.' Not only did I not receive help from the UFCW 101, but was denied access to my files by Borstel and eventually 'Set-up' by Borstel and Kevin Sears. These same two persons are responsable for excluding Macys Employees from the 2008 Collective Bargaining Agreement and screwing all members to a long term, pathetic contract. Mr. Sears received a promotion for his part, while Borstel continues to collect your monthly dues! While this is going on, Borstel and his Cronies enjoy outrageous pay raises&benefits. They sold out the ENTIRE Macys Membership in your last contract negotiation that you were DELIBERATELY excluded from! If that isn't bad enough, Macys continues to knowingly and willingly, violate an already pathetic contract with impunity. Once in a while, Gary and Mike are able to reverse an injustice. But the unfortunate truth is that if Macys really wants to push an agenda or an employee gone, then you will be sold out at the highest levels of UFCW 101. This is what happened to me, to others and can happen to you too! For this very reason, the UFCW 101 must go!