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Introduction The major players: Josh: hot husband of 16 years. Buddy: 11-year-old biological son; sweet, intuitive, spiritual, literal-minded economist. Princess: 9-year-old daughter adopted from foster care; hard-working and generous, healing from PTSD and reactive attatchment disorder (RAD),as well and language and vision processing disorders,drug exposure and possibly autism; has introduced Josh and Kerrie to the wonderful world of therapeutic parenting. Peanut: 8-year-old daughter adopted from foster care; athletic, coordinated, energetic future obstetrician; also healing from PTSD and RAD, also allowing her parents to hone their creativity. The Cuddle Bear: 6-year-old daughter adopted from foster care; verbal and hilarious; has been actively watching since 18 months of age for her parents to turn their backs. Jorge: the anti-chihuahua. What does she do with all this? What ever God asks.