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Occupation Teacher
Location South, United States
Introduction I am a single twenty-something year old woman waiting for love, wondering if I'm loveable or if I have sinned unto singleness, and learning everyday that being loveable isn't as much about receiving love but about giving it out. I am a Baptist preacher's daughter, homegrown on southern fried doctrine,with a side of standards, a few helpings of heresy, a slice of hypocrisy for dessert, and sweet tea. I am a writer, passionate and practicing. I am a very young college writing coach who finds that she is much more of a student than a teacher. I am a melancholy, trying to balance despair with hope; a realist straining to not get my hopes up while searching for my happy place. I am a second child, always running and never quite able to keep up. I am a flawed person who wishes not to be perfect, but only to master the art of being effectively imperfect. All together these create me--a puddle jumper with a unique outlook on life. Gather your own conclusions as you read what I post. Inevitably what I write is who I am.
Interests Writing, reading, learning, listening, smiling, exploring new places with no expectation in mind, going to local events, new social situations which require me to gain a new view of the world, dependable mechanics, Hallmark cards that say exactly what I wanted to say, tiny southern towns, lightning bugs, the spanish influenza of 1918, EMTs, folding warm laundry, the oak island treasure, the birthday smell of burnt matches and melting wax, Garfield, walking in the rain without an umbrella, organizing/cleaning, corny jokes, watching the stars come out, slipping into a coat after someone else has been wearing it, s'mores, clean towels, firefighters and EMTs, true stories, yoo-hoo and Dr. Pepper and Caramel Apple Spice, cowboy hats, real men who play with guns and look good in dirt and have honest eyes and can make me laugh, fortune cookies, sentimental smells, science (anatomy/oceanology), WWII history, jet skiing, bull riding, surprises (the little ones), making desserts for lots of people, standing in the background or being on the stage but not in the middle, making lists, sticky notes, searching for the lessons in the random and sometimes painful situations in my life.
Favorite Movies Miss Potter, Julie and Julia, Anne of Green Gables, Magnificent Seven, Casablanca, Peter Pan, It's a Wonderful Life, National Treasure, Return to Me and probably others that I can't remember.
Favorite Music Norah Jones, Frank Sinatra, the occassional Lady A, Selah, classical, Southern Gospel, Nickel Creek, Allison Krauss, and many, many others
Favorite Books Peace Like a River, Mitch Albom books, Secret Life of Bees, East of the Mountain, Coop, Truck: a Love Story, Moby Dick, The Perfect Storm, So Brave, young, and Handsome, and many, many more