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Gender MALE
Industry Agriculture
Occupation Farm Activities
Location Sitamarhi, Mithila, India
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Introduction Currently I am working in Drishtee. VoterID:AYJ0763599. Married.Education loan of Rs.1,36,602.10(A/C No.0594301602407: UTBI0BWR460). Lost my father in April,2009;Bit worried about my mother,desiring to enhance my self earned wealth, Health and Genetics • Eye-Youth onset Myopia(-3.5,-3.5) • Digestion – gas, acidity, slow digestion • Hair- may become partially bald when or after thirties • Susceptible to Insomnia, Hyper-tension, Leg-pain, restlessness, excitement • Restless legs syndrome (Sometimes), often crossing of leg/feet during sitting and sleeping • Mild hair on ears • Blood group- O positive • Height- 175.5 cm • Weight- around 61-63 Kg • Color- Yellowish Brown • Dry skin : Maithil, Gotra:Vatsa, Mool: Barwe-majhura. Vegetarian.Registered DOB: 10-01-1983,Probable Actual DOB:15-05-1981,10:08 PM,Sitamarhi.Chitra Nakshatra,Kanya rasi. Biological clock: Often more active, before and late after sunrise and after sunset.
Interests Sustainable growth, Efficiency, Niche, Exploration, New Ideas, Creativity, Innovation, Inventions, Literature, Computing, Opportunity cost, Thrift, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Nature, Gardening, Occult, Ancient science, Sanskrit, Peace, Perfection, Introspection, Investigation, Analysis, Experimentation, Educating, Sharing knowledge, Methodical procedures, Associating, Interacting, Independence, Planning, Organising, Communication, Assertiveness, Negotiation, Journalism, Resourcefulness, Self Help, Social Biology, Genotype, Phenotype, Health, Hygiene, Fair play, Justice, Human resource development, Sarvodaya, Adventure, Motivation, Ayurveda, Astrology, Veda, Vegetarianism, Life Science, Environment, Bio Energy, Apiculture, Paradoxism, Mushroom, Bamboo, Parenting, Governance, Attitude, Expression, Story Telling, Social science, Curiosity, Agri Business, Management, Plantation, Plant Tissue Culture, Yoga, Poetry, Gandhi, Non Violence, Khadi, Nature cure, telepathy, Intuition, Aroma therapy, Forest, Abnormal child behavior, Absent mindedness, Gini Index, Human development Index, Money, Investment, Insurance, Time, Sanatan Dharma, Mind gear, Animal Right, Politics, Maithili, Ego, Day dreaming, Economics, Co existence, Symbiosis, Insomnia, out speaking, Loose comment, Memory, Intellect, Prudence, Detachment, Truth, Imagination, Emotion, Individualism, Internet, Serotonin, human pheromone, dilemma, Genetics, freelancing, Biological clock, Walking, Genealogy, stubborn, Water, Toilet, Composting, Bathing, Anaphrodisiac, Slow, Steady, Shopping
Favorite Movies Comedy, Outsourced, Pushpaka Vimanam, Charlie Chaplin, Documentary, Adi Sankracharya, Kadal
Favorite Music Light music, hypnotic music, Classical music, Sanskrit mantra, Sleep inducing music
Favorite Books Gita, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Curriculam books, Poetry

When your science teacher smashed a frozen rose with a hammer, did you warm the petals to bring them back to life?

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