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Occupation Communications Specialist
Location Seattle, United States
Introduction Born in Europe and raised in the southern hemisphere, I've lived in five countries on three continents and in two island nations... I'm a communications, marketing and PR consultant, broadcast journalist, writer, editor, event manager, fund raiser, narration and voice-over artist... I'm also a personal growth facilitator, teacher, breath worker, shaman, healer, ordained non-denominational minister and celebrant, in private and public practice... Diversity, equality and equity, social justice and sustainable community issues are important to me and I'm active in social change groups... I'm the parent of four children, three of whom are grown up and living in other parts of the world... kinda interesting doing the parenting thing again, from the far side of 50! Not as much energy nor as fast on my feet, but maybe a little more relaxed, wiser and certainly more street smart... as I tell my youngster: "with three older siblings, there's not much point in you trying anything - I've seen it all!"
Interests spirituality, interfaith dialogue, shamanism, breathwork, sustainable societies, triple bottom line accounting, 'whole person' alternative education, philosophy, creativity, fractals, negentropy, the point where science/art/consciousness/spirituality converge, psychology, human potential, mythic journeys, non-violent communication/education, ending domestic violence
Favorite Movies Life Is Beautiful, Man of La Mancha, Whale Rider, Once Were Warriors, Lord of the Rings series, Baz Luhrman's Romeo & Juliet... sci-fi and fantasy stuff...
Favorite Music Just about anything except hard rock and heavy metal, funereal Wagnerian stuff and 'she done me wrong' cry-into-your-beer country...
Favorite Books too many to list.... anything by Jane Austen, "The Sound of One Hand Clapping", the "Clan of the Cave Bear" series, "Initiation" by Elisabeth Hiach, personal growth/spirituality/shaman stuff...