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Industry Arts
Occupation Writing several novels.
Location Virginia Beach, VA, United States
Introduction I'm a little bit crazy, but I'm mostly happy with myself. I wouldn't want to be anyone else on the inside, but I'd gladly trade bodies with most of the people I see. I'm a drifter, a wanderer. I'm not happy away from the sea, and never can be. I'm a poet, an artist, a writer; a film-maker, a collector - a jack of many trades, master of none. I've tried my hand at drawing, photo-editing, movie-making. I continually find new things to try, but I always fall just short of my own standards of decency.
Interests reading, listening to music, writing, sports fiction, horror, gay fiction, urban fantasy, stars, moving, traveling, ghosts, madness, sarcasm, psychics, music, magic, coffee, alcohol, languages, Exy, epic fantasy, murder, large bodies of water, rain, dr. pepper, black, green, orange, crazy, psycho, DID
Favorite Movies Tokyo Drift, Death Note, Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda, The Grudge, Chakushin Ari, Cabaret, Chicago, AVP, Saw I-IV, LotR, PotC, The Last Unicorn, The Flight of Dragons, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Resident Evil, Silent Hill
Favorite Music My Chemical Romance, The Birthday Massacre, Crazy Loop, Nightwish, Lostprophets, Sneakerpimps, Poe, Kamelot, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Framing Hanley, Cinema Bizarre, Metro Station, Rammstein, Gazette, Eisblume, AFI, movie soundtracks, instrumental, classical, techno, dance, trance, kpop, mandopop, jpop, jrock, jrap
Favorite Books The Foxhole Court, Sunshine by Robin McKinley, The Crystal Singer trilogy by Anne McCaffrey, The Shadowy Horses by Susanna Kearsley, The Memory Sorrow and Thorn Trilogy by Tad Williams

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