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Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation Professional Trash Talker and Podcaster
Location Houston, Texas, United States
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Introduction I love everything about science fiction and technology. This blog focuses on sci-fi TV and movies. I use my writing here as a way to relax and escape. Most of my entries are extremely casual and is full of digressions and opinions. My main focus is end- user humor and not about insulting the people who work really hard to bring us science fiction entertainment. I've been writing here since 2004. I just joined The Houston Chronicle's TV review blog called Tubular. Ok, ok... enough jabber jaw. Sit back and enjoy. ...and yes, that green girl is an Orion Slave Girl from Star Trek. :-)
Interests scifi, science fiction, sci-fi, space, goth, vampire, road trip, travel, convention, technology, computers, comics, space, mars, nasa, robot, serenity, alien, giger, fantasy, magic, firefly, battlestar galactica, 4400, dr who, bruce campbell, liam neeson, prisoner, podcast, podcasting, doctor
Favorite Movies Outer Limits, Stargate, Star Wars, Star Trek, Farscape, Earth Final Conflict, Deep Space Nine, DS9, Lord of the Rings, Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Andromeda, SG1, Atlantis, Matrix, Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, 4400, Dead Zone, Dr. Who, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Firefly, The Prisoner, Quantum Leap, Mutant X, Doctor Who, Alien Nation, Oddessy 5, Bionic Woman, Journeyman
Favorite Music Music that sounds spacey and futuristic.
Favorite Books A Stitch In Time, IQ, Anne Rice, Pandora, Q-Squared, Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Snow Crash, American Gods

You've just inherited a manufacturing plant that specializes in plastics. What are you going to make?

Remote sex toys controlled via USB. [update 04/01/07- They finally invented this; Sinulator!]