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Gender MALE
Occupation I am currently unemployed, but lets face it, after seeing my profile photo, would you consider employing someone like me? I doubt it. hahaha
Location Dundalk, Co.Louth, Ireland
Introduction I am a simple lay person who has a great love for God and his church. In the mid summer of 2007 a pair of rosary beads arrived through my door in Scotland and in the spring of 2008, found my self home in Ireland to be a fully practicing catholic. The only interests I have are in bringing people back to God. I am not a person who has the wish to use God for his own personal agenda, but to the contrary, give him something back for as he himself said that ''when a man has had a great deal given him, a great deal will be demanded of him;'' I read also about how the Lord spoke to a mystic called Vassula Ryden who was put down for her refusal to be silent on her relationship with Christ, that she should refuse to be like that wicked servant who hid his talent and then was condemned for having done nothing. I tend to take heed to these words also, as should everyone else. God bless and take care Stephen <3
Interests Theology/bringing people back to God and my fiancee.
Favorite Movies Jesus of Nazareth, and movies pleasing to the Lord
Favorite Music Gregorian and Orthodox chants, protestant hymns too.
Favorite Books The Bible, The Catechism, Code of Canon, the Philokalia, The way of a pilgrim.

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

by ripping it up and throwing it in the bin, putting on a pair of sandals and like St.Nicholas of flu,exchange my clean clothes for a rag, pick up a wooden staff and my rosary beads, then build a little hut for myself in the middle of a forest where I shall stay for the rest of my days.