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Occupation Domestic Engineer
Introduction When I'm not "momming" (or looking for things to do on the computer instead of what I SHOULD be doing) I like to read, cook/bake, sew, make cards (with rubber stamps), fiddle with photos, and hide in the pantry so my kids won't catch me eating sweets. I like to eat all things chocolate (other sweets are a waste of calories). I LOVE green, especially fugly greens. I've been a stay-at-home mom ever since Claire was born. My major in college was Electrical Engineering. As one of the only girls, I definitely met a lot of guys. But although the odds were good, the goods were odd. Remember, you can't spell geek without a "EE," and I include myself. I graduated in a mere 4.5 years of late nights in the computer lab. I married a Computer Engineer that broke the mold. He's basically a genius if you ask me and fairly tall so he wasn't scared off by my 5'10" engineering self. We are best friends that have a hard time getting anything done when we're around each other because all we want to do is hang out and talk.