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Occupation Activist Gardener Poets
Introduction We believe that growing our own food is the most radical and effective way to promote social justice, equality and sustainability. Everyone, to some extent, can grow their own food. It makes even more sense for communities to grow their own food, sharing responsibilities and costs. It requires a restructuring of values, the kinds of values that are necessary for a consumer culture to wake up to the exploitation and poverty we perpetuate throughout the world. Our socially and environmentally exploitive food-culture perpetuates the very resource wars and poverty that concern so many of us. Growing food brings our environment sharply into focus; we learn how much we rely on healthy food, healthy soil and an healthy ecosystem. On our homestead, and in this blog, we practice and advocate human-scaled food systems, with an intimate hands on approach, as a way for everyone on this earth to be nutritiously and sustainably fed, from the first world to the third world. Our diverse, closed-loop homestead is to us, a relevant form of protest, as well as a constructive way to build a sustainable future. We are all in this together. Not one of us lives on this earth alone.
Interests growing good food, low-impact living, ending hunger, herbal and nutritional health, poetry