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Occupation Artist
Location Solana Beach, CA, United States
Introduction Born with an artistic view of the world, art found a way into every thing Scott did. Day dreaming and drawing consumed his life in the suburbs as the real world and the land of the imaginative merged into a convoluted space of existentialism. Life moved fast for the boy and his pencil as he spent his time creating. Scott soon found that his artistic skills gave him special insight into the world that others did not see. This unavailing insight brought the burden of needing to constantly be creative. After working his way through a college education doing as many artistic jobs he could, Scott emerged with a degree and an artistic view of the world that found its way into everything he did. Scott created and dreamed the way most don’t understand. Designing and creating new and never before seen ideas, he has helped bring depth to the corporate unimaginative and life to the bland masses.