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Gender MALE
Industry Law Enforcement or Security
Occupation Revenge
Location London, United Kingdom
Introduction I was once employed by the East India Company, and made a good living as a scout and an ambassador for them, traveling primarily to India to negotiate tea prices for their ever-expanding business. A monsoon and a drunken ship's captain put an end to that many years ago, and I spent an intolerable amount of time stranded on a godforsaken island with a tribe of savages who worshipped false gods and passed the time by eating bark and insects and driveling on about what a lovely, idyllic time they were all having. After my fortuitous rescue three months ago, I returned to England to find that my only living relative, my beloved brother Patrick, had been sent to his death on a similar rash venture by two abominable cads named Jack Shepherd and Sean Fagan. I have spent every waking hour since then plotting my revenge. I also enjoy collecting stamps.
Interests Blogging, Stamp-collecting, Meeting girls, Revenge
Favorite Books Anything by Webster

You laughed so hard you can't catch your breath. Stick out your tongue and show us what's funny:

In a very short time, I will be standing over the dead, gutted bodies of the two men who sent my brother to a watery grave.