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Gender Male
Location Battle Creek, MI, United States
Introduction A eclectic deviant dedicated to the preservation of animal rights, taking care of our planet, enjoying the company of good and true friends, and kicking it old-school with Buddha.
Interests Music, Vegan, Computers, Gaming, Comicbooks
Favorite Movies Well... this could be a long list so I think that I'll just give a basic idea of genres and such. Science Fiction, Horror, Action, the occasional Comedy, Documentary, Foreign, and Anime.
Favorite Music An even longer list... Death Metal, Punk, Electronica, Jazz, Blues, Thrash Metal, Rap, Pretty much everything.
Favorite Books Mostly non-fiction, but the occasional gem comes along. Definatly recommend Dharma Punks. Great book.

What is the origin of life, the universe, and everything else?