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Introduction So our story goes a little something like this...started out one spring break about a year ago with no plans, slim pockets but big dREAms...picture that!!...not being ICE guys, we still wanted to test the neck/accessory market and the only option seemed to be rosary road...for more reasons than one that wasn't the right path for LifE.KiT..we brainstormed our ideas for suitable routes and put the plan in motion..and with that Life.KiT was born...we began experimenting with the bead accessories, taking a few tips from the rosary wearers..the neckwear took off a lot more than we expected, especially since they were only for us with that being said we had no choice but to expand the operation and the LK brand as we enjoy bringing you the best in what we like to call "soft" urban apparel, including but not limited to..m/w t-shirts, m/w accessories, g/b things have grown and faded away, things are also born, LK is a brand birthed on the values of creative freedom, self-direction, and commonly uncommon people....