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Gender Female
Location Dayton, Ohio
Introduction I curse a lot. I like chinese & mexican food. I'm now wondering what American food is. I admit my own faults. I don't hold back, or push too hard. I'd tell you if there's something in your teeth or if you need deodorant, not to pick on you, but because I want to make sure no one does. I have an ill sense of humor, the more inappropriate, the better. I'd wait on you hand & foot unless you make me feel degraded, in that case, degrade yourself, bitch. I have the tendency to wear my <3 on my sleeve. I could sit & cuddle for hours, but sometimes I kinda just wanna do my own damn thing so leave me the hell alone. I've low self esteem & put myself down. I'm aware that's unbecoming, so I'm working on it. I'm sensitive, I'd like to stay that way. I laugh if your fart makes a funny sound. I forgive almost anything, so people are relaxed with me. I pick up on fibs easily, but so not embarrass you, I pretend with you. I cry to Humane Society commercials. I'm not afraid to put my foot down when I need to, cuz I'm not one to fuck with. However, I'm pretty much able to just go with whatever anyone else wants to do, unless it's moronic. I'm strong willed, but give in to those that deserve it.
Interests cartoons, nerdy glasses, making jewelry, boston terriers, dr. pepper, giving compliments, learning
Favorite Music Hanson, Aerosmith, Tori Amos, Maria Mena, Jason Mraz, Adele, The Beatles, Matt Morris, Goldfinger, Pink, Counting Crows, Nirvana
Favorite Books I love to read, but I can read the whole V.C. Andrews Flowers in the Attic series once every couple of years and still feel like it's new.