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Gender MALE
Occupation Senior Consultant
Location MIDLANDS, UK, United Kingdom
Introduction Rock n Roll Love Letter.
Interests Music, Travel, Art, Vintage BMX etc
Favorite Movies Any B Movies, nostalgia and all the Ilsa films. Dead Mans Shoes, The Obama Deception, Romeo Brass, Scarface, Taxi Driver, Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer, Scum, Quadrophenia, This is England, Zeitgeist, Alex Jones docs, Romper Stomper, Loose Change, Fabled Enemies.
Favorite Music Sixties Garage Bam Caruso, Electric Crayon Comps, Girl Groups, MC5, The Stooges, Paper Dolls, 13th Floor Elevators, Velvet Underground, The Charlatans, D.Ramirez stuff, 80's Electro Hip Hop, Kool Keith, Spacemen 3, Kasenetz Katz productions, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood, MC SHY D, Roxanne Shante, early ORB stuff, The Vaselines, Pooh Sticks, Loop, 90's House, Piano House, The Monkees, Northern Soul Comps, British Psychedelia 67-1970, Pianosaurus, Small Faces, The Who, The Stones (anything after exile on main street is turd), Denim, Nico, 60's girls in the garage comps, easy listening, shopping music, KPM, Amphonic, Lounge Comps, sike pop comps, pebbles, all the saga records stuff (got a fair few of these including both pressings of swinging london and the Katch 22 lp and beat club lp, Russ Sainty lp, Moog Stuff...etc
Favorite Books Any Kerouac (on the road, dharma bums), Dostoyevsky, Charles Bukowski and Selby Jnr and Peter and Jane ladybird novels, 1984.