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Gender MALE
Location Tromsø, Troms, Norway
Introduction Hiya! I Hail from the cold, harsh and unforgiving lands of northern norway! No... We don't have Polar bears in Norway xD
Interests Warhammer and other miniatures, Books, Music, Movies, Roleplaying Games, computer games etc. OH! And let's not forget having fun!
Favorite Movies Too tough a question man!
Favorite Music The Contortionist, Modest Mouse, Red and a whole bunch of other bands and artist in various genres.
Favorite Books The Riftwar Saga By Raymond E.Feist. The Legend Of Drizzt By R.A. Salvatore. The Name Of the Wind By Patrick Rothfuss. The List goes on...

What is the final graduation question given to a Space Marine before he ventures out from Space Marine School=? (i dunno myself)