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Gender MALE
Occupation bookseller, collage artist
Location Los Angeles, Ca., United States
Introduction E-mail: dwdanger5@gmail.com - I am a bookseller and hand cut hand glued collage artist
Interests females, esoteric books, art, music, film, vintage paperbacks, surrealism, dada, vienna action group, collage art, extreme art, experimental music, freemasonry, occult, orgone energy, erotica, fetish, Hans Bellmer, MZ412, black industrial, blackened bass, Sunn O))), J.K. Huysmans, Maldoror, George Bataille, Nietzsche, marijuana, cocaine, Aleister Crowley, LaVey, Nurse with Wound, exotic plants, ferns, orchids, alchemy, hermetics, OTO, Golden Dawn, A:.A:., true crime, tiki culture, masks, RAF, refusalist anarchy, John Zerzan, Jack Parsons, Richard Dadd, Tim Leary, Bob Moog, Leon Theremin, nihilism, misanthropy, decay, Thelema, Harry Smith, psychedelics, Unarius, death, Suehiro Maruo, NSK, Templars, auto-erotic fatalities, infrasound, op-art, happy faces, etc...
Favorite Movies Eraserhead, Seashell & the Clergyman, Conspirators of Pleasure, Street of Crocodiles, Santa Sangre, Holy Mountain, El Topo, Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, Scorpio Rising, Lucifer Rising, Eaux d' Artifice
Favorite Music Nurse with Wound, Coil, Thorr's Hammer, Sunn O))), Scorn, Tones on Tail, Boris, SPK, Residents, Subsurfing, Tuxedomoon, Dummy Run, People Like Us, Jack the Tab, Muslimgauze, Earthmonkey, Snakefinger, Lime Spiders, Korla Pandit, Zoviet France, Roto Visage, Higher Intelligence Ageny, Ulver, Hafler Trio, Allerseelan, Death in June, Boyd Rice, Teratism, Burzum, Kangaroo Kourt, Pansonic, Martin Denny, MZ412, Bain Wolfkind, to name a few...
Favorite Books Maldoror, Against Nature, Demons of the Flesh, Crying of Lot 49, Severed/Black Dahlia Murder, Bruges La Morte, The Art of Destruction/Vienna Action Group, Death Desire & the Doll/Hans Bellmer