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Introduction Hello there,thank you for stopping by. I am a passionate cook,always have been.I just happen to be vegan too. I am a lifelong veggie, even as a toddler I didn't have an interest in eating anything that had a face or the potential to have one. Then about 5 years ago I was unable to eat dairy so I naturally became a vegan. I'm not here to preach or recruit, it's just part of who I am. I share my life with my love and we share our home with a rather mischievous little Westie. I enjoy cooking for my family and friends and I want to share that with you. I hope to make you smile and make you laugh with me, on my cooking adventures. And I look forward to your feedback, should you feel obliged. So I had better get started...
Interests Cooking, music, reading, writing, travel, live shows, sports, archery, Harleys, movies especially the old ones, beaches Oh and teacups and saucers..and espresso sets.
Favorite Movies My first favourite film was Lady and the Tramp, as a teen it was Pretty in Pink,, musicals, comedies, thrillers, dramas...all movies...but if I had to choose one...High Society..oh and Aristocats..and What Lies Beneath...and..this is impossible..I can't choose just one. I'm a movie nut!
Favorite Music My taste has developed over the years but I will always at heart be a rock fan. I love to sit and listen to the cello as it soothes my soul. I love to cook with my Ipod on shuffle..and anything can happen when i do that..Carmen to Whitesnake..onto Chopin to Buble...BodyRockers to Melissa Etheridge..Four Seasons to Chris Cornell..Bing to Jack Johnson...and my great music love is the very talented Mr Luke Morley.
Favorite Books I collect cookbooks..I have too many to add here. Our house is full of bookshelves..filled with books. Another great passion..