About me

Gender Female
Occupation CEO of Casa de Beanie
Location Chicago, IL
Introduction Hey. Beanie here. This is my blog. Chances are you will either love my sense of humor or think that I should immediately sterilize myself so as not to further the ridiculousness. I am mom to a little boy, who we call Kiwi since we totally got it on in New Zealand and came home with the ultimate souvenir. I have been happily married to Mr. T for a long time. He's hilarious and a good sport about being blog fodder. Most importantly, we like each other, which is a fuckload better than simply loving someone. We have a racist dog named Token, he's the only black thing in our neighborhood. I enjoy drinking outside on patios and eating copious amounts of toblerone. I think people who smoke cigarettes are losers (I quit so that makes me better than you) and I distrust people who don’t drink. I hope you enjoy.