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Introduction I began as an alternative journalist when I was fifteen. I learned how to run the printing press at my school. I had visions of running a print shop for the High School underground press. Managed to get one paper out to one school before the hammer came down. I was briefly on the staff of the legendary "Great Speckled Bird" in the mid 70's. In the early eighties I produced a radio news magazine at a community sponsored radio station. I have worked for some MSM outlets such as CNN and a local FOX affiliate but it was in non creative work. I have continued writing through the years and not always on political or journalistic topics. A poem of mine can be found in the archives of Andrei Condrescue's cyber-mag The Exquisite Corpse. By way of bio, I'm a native born Georgian whose roots extend back before Oglethorpe's arrival and the founding of Savannah. My Great Grandfather served with R.E. Lee from second Manassas through Appomattox.
Interests Books, film, music, art, theater, sports, chess, history (the Civil War is a special interest), Sci-Fi, travel(I've visited the U.K., Amsterdam, Berlin, St. Petersburg in Russia and Canada.), languages (I know a smattering of Spanish and still recall a bit of Russian.), hiking, biking and human folly.
Favorite Movies Citizen Kane, The Seventh Seal, Fritz Lang's M, Platoon, Bertolucci's 1900, Blade Runner, Hitchcock's Shadow of A Doubt, Casablanca, Silence of the Lambs, Frankenstein (w/Karloff), Lies and Secrets, The Searchers, Glory, West Side Story, Stand By Me, American Graphitti, Ed Wood, The Best Years of Our Lives, Bend it like Beckham, Aguirre the Wrath of God, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Seven Days in May
Favorite Music Omnivorous but particularly: Beethoven, The Beatles, Shostakovich, The Sex Pistols, Johnny Cash, The Clash, Stravinsky, Sinatra, Lou Reed, Mozart, Patti Smith, The Foo Fighters, Roland Kirk, Mussorgsky, Dylan
Favorite Books Writers really: Doestevsky, Mark Twain, Ben Elton, Frederick Pohl, James Baldwin, Pat Conroy, Flannery O'Connor, Victor Serge, Sylvia Plath, Bertoldt Brecht, John Keats, W.B. Yeats, Allen Ginzberg, Ursula K. Leguin