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Introduction My ancestors were among the first to hear and accept the restored gospel during the time of Joseph Smith, and they were prominent in Nauvoo and on the westward trek to Utah. My family has been greatly blessed by the Book of Mormon and by the restored gospel. At the time of my birth in 1952, my mother, Naomi Dee Bosen, was secretary to Doctor Francis W. Kirkham, who spent about 50 years laboring within the Historical Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints researching the origins of the Book of Mormon. Mom always spoke highly of Doctor Kirkham and obviously considered him to be a righteous and honorable man. Mom worked with Doctor Kirkham on the 1951 edition of his seminal work entitled "A New witness for Christ in America; The Book of Mormon" and Doctor Kirkham references her contributions (as "Dee Hays Bosen") in the "Acknowledgements" page thereof. Most of the historical references in this document come from Doctor Kirkham's research as published in that book.