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Gender MALE
Location Slick, Utah, United States
Introduction I was just some guy interested in gaining a little game. After a little reading on body language (which I fell in love with) I realized my confidence and ignorance were my only issues. Plenty of girls were attracted. I just missed it. Here is what I have learned about body language, courtship, and game. The things I've studied and read about: Emotions, Body Language, Reading Faces, Lie Detection, Courtship, Courtship Signals, Sex, Pick Up, NLP, Hypnosis, Influence, Evolution, Difference between Sexes, Female Brain, Male Brain, Charisma(Making people feel good), Confidence, Happiness, Self-Esteem, Mingling, Having Conversations, Stress, Becoming Powerful, Relationships, Human Nature, Nutrition, Mental Strength. I've chose to learn a bit about everything, I've noticed that the more I researched the more I've needed to know to be a confident complete happy human being. I am not an expert on many of these topics(body language I am quite competent in) but I've read enough about each topic to draw from a wide variety of sources. If you have any questions or comments let me know, I'll post a video or a blog.
Interests Body Language, People, Fun, Happiness, Laughing, Music, Women, Intelligence, Learning
Favorite Music Hip Hop, Punk, Ska, Classic Rock, Funk, Country, Reggae, Soul, EVERYTHING
Favorite Books Definitive Book on Body Language, What Every Body is Saying, Undercover Sex Signals, Love Signals, Intimate Behaviors, 59 Seconds, Tipping Point, Sex Signals-The Biology of Love, The Mating Mind, Why Men Don't Have a Clue and Women Need New Shoes, Emotions Revealed, Influence

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