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Gender MALE
Location Tampa, Florida, United States
Introduction I'm a self taught computer geek. My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS80 Model II with 32k ram with an expansion interface with a dual 360k floppy. I once had a bulletin board for close to ten years, Tampa Info Board. I met lots of interesting people over those years through that computer. Now, it's the internet and email. I never thought email would catch on. It was slow to start. I had Compuserve at first then I switched to AOL which I still use today but it is now getting me 30 spam emails a day and I'm looking to switch to Google mail I think. Enough about me though, anything else you want to know just comment to me somewhere here on this blog.
Favorite Movies Star Wars, Back To The Future, Godzilla, The Blob, Frankenstein, too many to list here.
Favorite Music I'm a '60's rock person. I think my first album was The Rolling Stones, Beggar's Banquet. It just went on from there. I missed Woodstock, I was in junior high then. Atlanta Pop Festival I almost went to but my friends then didn't think to include me in the trip up. The Celebration of Life festival in Louisiana was a bust. Other than that, I like all kinds of music including some rap.
Favorite Books Mother Goose Rhymes. I loved that book as a child in grade school. I haven't read anything lately but I was a big sci-fi reader in junior high.

What would you do if you weren't doing what you are doing now?