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Introduction Welcome to my dark side. *gives you a fresh baked cookie*. This is my writing blog. I will spare you picture uploads of the latest life pics. You will see me post a LOT of scenery pics, poems, short stories, maybe a haiku or two. I'm a bohemian liberal tree hugging peacenik hippie with a nice streak and a crazy dream that one day, I will not be judged because I'm too friendly and bubbly for most people from NJ. Screw you, that's just how my fat ass rolls (queue for double entendre). The snark will come once I know you're not a whiney bitch who gets "offended" at everything.
Interests writing, reading, roadtrips, traveling, camping, the outdoors, nature.
Favorite Movies Not really a "movie" person due to lack of attention Span. But my favorites are Kevin Smith and Mel Brooks flicks. TV - I really don't watch much TV at all, but when I am on Netflix, I find myself preferring Doctor Who, Torchwood, Star Trek, The IT Crowd, and anything with actual learning value. I love Discovery Channel, NatGeo, (not-reality show related) and SyFy but also like Fuse because it actually reminds me of the mid-90's MTV. If this makes me into part nerd, well call me "Codex". (Actually, don't, I don't game much. But I am very gamer friendly).
Favorite Music Music - I LOVE music! I will listen to anything, but prefer rock and metal. Not a big fan of rap and country. Early 90's grunge and progressive rock is my "classic" rock. Love my latin sounds as well. If I tried to name all of the artists that I love, you'd get musical whiplash.
Favorite Books I know Why the Caged Bird Sings; Fahrenheit 451; Gone With the Wind; El amor en los tiempos del cólera; Como agua para chocolate

Has anyone's pants ever actually set on fire from telling a lie? I guess, when you're dealing with a REALLY psychotic girlfriend, yes. I guess Mythbusters should research it.