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Introduction My name is Melissa and I am a stay at home mom of four children, five and seven year old girls and two year old twin boys. After a few years of what feels like swimming upstream and struggling to catch a breath I just want to network with others that are in the same boat that I am and slightly out of my “social bubble” . I don’t claim to be any sort of a parenting, homemaking scholar, awesome writer or have a fantasticly, witty personality. I have thought about writing a book about the drama of everyday life in a house where my four children were all born in less than five years with a wonderful husband that only occasionally is able to make appearances due to the demands of his job, our small business, and his responsibilities within our church because I think it is something that many can relate to. Since I haven't taken a writing class in nearly a decade and my attention span seems to shrink with each child that I bring into the world I thought I should stick with blogging. My posts may range anywhere from everyday family life, drama, to an article, idea, or recipe that I liked to me venting to the world about a random topic.