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Industry Education
Occupation Slave.
Location Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan
Introduction i am lazy. but i love what i love, and i hate what i hate. everything else is barely worth mentioning. i get turned on by cerebral stimulation, and i get turned off by sober mishandling of one's mental capacities. i like artwork. i like pop work. i like people who are uncompromising. i don't mind the occasional misspelling. i don't fault people for being vicitms of their surroundings as long as they make the best choices available. i like honesty. i like dishonesty only when its used for honest reasons. i hate violence unless its not real and used for entertainment. i can separate the difference. however i sometimes wonder how genuine my pacifism is when i think about how if there were no true awfulness, would there be entertainment? but we all want a hero, so we need our villains. either God loves to entertain or it was just a happy accident in his design.
Interests Finding inspiration. In art in pulp, in everyday misquotes. Finding reasons to wake up even though it all ends up uncategorized hump in the lint filter. People who are strange or motivated by their desires. Shiny objects. Shiny people. Romantic notions. These things interest me.
Favorite Movies 1. Edward Scissorhands 2.Casablanca 3.Godfather I and II 4. Versus The Mad Max movies and any decent apocalyptic movie thereafter. Any zombie movie. i love Tim Burton, anime, Ryoei Kitamura, Jean-Peirre Jeunet and many many things. i love movies. i'm stopping now because i will continue forever if allowed. i love movies.
Favorite Music no way. again, i would be here forever. i love everything. embarrassing things. wonderful things. as long as it moves my soul at the right time i will treasure it. there would be no zero art if it weren't for inspirational music. let me put it this way. in a misunderstanding of mine in my friend Gabe's question i ranted for a bit in which he interrupted me by saying "You find music the way some people find God. I find music the way normal people do, on the radio"
Favorite Books Jack M.F. Kerouac Chuck Palahniuk Oscar Wilde Edgar A. Poe "Another Day Another Dungeon" "Ten Points for Style" "Battle Royale" "Huckleberry Finn" "Siddhartha" "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the constantly expanding trilogy)

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