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Occupation none right now
Location Ontario, Canada
Introduction If life is a roller coaster, then right now I am on the sickest craziest most twisty ride of my life. I am probably the most random person you will ever meet with the strangest sense of humor. Music is my soul, and my piano my child. I believe in purpose, but just havent found mine yet, Im hoping that this blog will help me out! Thanks for reading, Kassandra
Interests love to read, write, act, perform, paint, and of course my steadily growing obsession....blogging!!!!!
Favorite Movies In the Midnight Garden of Good and Evil, The Dead Poets Society, Rocky Horror Picture Show, (ooo! Movie musicals of the 1980s!)
Favorite Music wde variety, acapella, gothic rock, (evanescence, Within Temptation) Opera, jazz, instrumentals, modern, Braodway!!!!!
Favorite Books mystery, suspense on the edge of your wits creepiness, ie. Stephen King, Dean Koontz, ummm, also like to read fantasy novels, (<3 \harry Potter)

When you open your eyes underwater, do you ever worry that you'll drown?

Haha, yes all the time, but i didnt admit this to anyone. Unread what you've read now....