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Gender MALE
Industry Internet
Location Indiana, United States
Introduction I survived a Web retail venture and entered the field of blogging after working as a teacher in Japan. Visits to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Cambodia left me forever changed, committed to peace and convinced of the inadequacy of war. Far more than economics, globalization symbolizes a process of universal human achievement which overcomes differences in race, culture, and nationality. I'm a progressive who believes in small but effective government. I'm a media skeptic.
Interests Ideas and information provide brain food for my passion: writing. By writing, I will leave behind a record that I did care, and that I felt I could make a difference. Geopolitical and economic analysis suits my background as I have a Masters in International Management and a working knowledge of capital markets. I've helped not for-profit causes: promoting a local river and fighting sprawl. I try to live simply, consume less and recycle what I can, to protect for future Americans some of the world I've enjoyed. For fun, I hike and experience the outdoors. I'm also a self-learned amateur chef. I support local/community-supported agriculture (CSA) and organic/slow food movements where I can. I shop at environmentally friendly retailers, and like green products, especially hemp and shade-grown, bird friendly, organic fair-trade coffee. I'm also an amateur photographer (EOS 40d), taking nature photos and some photojournalism (see main blog, right side for some protest pictures, video.) I'm converting a large portfolio of travel slides on a Microtek ScanMaker i900. Trying to recreate the colors accurately is an intensive task.
Favorite Movies Serpico, Jericho Mile, Children of Men (see my review), <i>The Road</i>(ditto)
Favorite Music 60's, Grateful Dead, Clash, ska, reggae, Southern Rock, jazz, bluegrass
Favorite Books Norm Solomon's War Made Easy, Your Money or Your Life (Dominguez/Robin), What Has Government Done to Our Money (Rothbard)