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Introduction ** The Philippines most lied about Aussie - 2010 ** My railway interest began in the early 80s when I began photographing & collecting almost anything Australian railway. Since then I have regularly traveled across the country to see all those great trains I once only saw in books. In 1994 my interests became a little narrower, in topic and gauge, after a quick visit to the Moreton Sugar Mill in Queensland. Near the end of the century I made my first trip to the Philippines. This was the first time I encountered the PNR. Instantly I had dreams of preserving some of this history, pushing the idea through the 'Philippine Railways SIG' website and chat forum. Sadly this dream fell apart for me recently when a splinter group of PRHS members went there own way. While not being a part of the project anymore, my main dream of seeing railway history being preserved and operated there is their groups goal. So one way or another, if they are successful, I have realised that which I started. Since the initial Philippine trip, I have become interested in all the narrow gauge railways of Asia and more recently Fiji. Regards Brad Philippine Railways SIG PRHS